Troy Nix in action


Troy's Purpose

Watch Troy talk about the reasons he became a speaker and what it means to him.

The Troy Nix Experience

See what real attendess have to say about Troy.

Troy Speaking

See for yourself how Troy brings passion, purpose, and energy to the stage.

In the News

Featured on

Troy has been featured on several media outlets including:

  • WCHE (Philadelphia) Morning Magazine
  • USA Radio (Nationally syndicated) Daybreak USA
  • Art of Passive Income (podcast)
  • CHQR (Canada) The Danielle Smith Show
  • Inc. Magazine
  • WERC — Birmingham, AL
  • WAAX — Gadsden, AL
  • KMA — Tuscaloosa, AL
  • WRTR — Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Alabama’s Morning News With JT
  • KQSC — Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO
  • THE MORNING ROUTINE with Dave and Johnny
  • KMA — Omaha, NE, The Morning Routine with BRENT BARNETT
  • USA Radio — Daybreak USA (nationally syndicated) with Rod and Rae
  • The Unstoppables (podcast)
  • KOSF - San Francisco, CA
  • USA Radio
  • Small Business Radio Show