Learn about Troy's experience

“Troy Nix is amazing! One of the most exciting, energetic and passionate speakers I have seen. Utilizing his personal experiences to build a captivating message he left our audience wanting more.”

— Laurie Harbour, President & CEO, Harbour Results, Inc.

Troy Nix is an individual full of passion.

His life’s purpose is to help inspire and positively impact others.  He sacrifices the privacy of very personal life struggles to benefit his audience. With true humbleness, Nix brings a level of energy to his stage presence that is as genuine as it gets. Combining his natural energy, ability to share his emotions and his sincere desire to impact audience members, Troy Nix consistently wins over the hearts and minds of attendees.

Experience that matters

Nix is a leadership practitioner and entrepreneur, with a military background originating from the United States Military Academy at West Point and has over 30 years of private industry sector experience.

Always delivers

Known for his spirit, enthusiasm and belief in American manufacturing, Nix will deliver an opening address that will focus on lessons in leadership and human perseverance. Professionals over the last decade who have heard Troy Nix deliver keynotes at conferences know that his words will spark emotion in each attendee’s inner core.


Troy can deliver on the following topics:

  • The Cadence of Leadership
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Perseverance

Featured on

Troy has been featured on several media outlets including:

  • WCHE (Philadelphia) Morning Magazine
  • USA Radio (Nationally syndicated) Daybreak USA
  • Art of Passive Income (podcast)
  • CHQR (Canada) The Danielle Smith Show
  • Inc. Magazine
  • WERC — Birmingham, AL
  • WAAX — Gadsden, AL
  • KMA — Tuscaloosa, AL
  • WRTR — Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Alabama’s Morning News With JT
  • KQSC — Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO
  • THE MORNING ROUTINE with Dave and Johnny
  • KMA — Omaha, NE, The Morning Routine with BRENT BARNETT
  • USA Radio — Daybreak USA (nationally syndicated) with Rod and Rae
  • The Unstoppables (podcast)
  • KOSF - San Francisco, CA
  • USA Radio
  • Small Business Radio Show
  • WTOL
  • KFRG