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A Visit With Maggie

I recently had the opportunity to meet a woman named Maggie who purchased several copies of Eternal Impact. Normally, the books that are ordered are delivered without personalization, but sometimes I will write a message to someone upon request. In this case, I did not know for whom the books were being ordered. Maggie wrote


Celebrating Small Wins and Victories

2020 has changed the world in so many ways, some of which we will not fully understand for years to come. For my team, almost every goal we intended to accomplish this year was canceled or significantly altered. This can be disheartening for leaders and team members from top to bottom. Everyone likes the thrill


Winning the War in a Crisis

My brain is on overload, and I must be careful with how I am negatively internalizing the Covid-19 crisis. I just read a quote from Lou Holtz that has put things in perspective for me.  He said: “I’ve never lived through a negative situation without getting something very positive out of it.” Bam – right


Who am I to write a book?

I’ve asked myself this many times during this process. How am I an expert? What makes me so special? How did I get here? Who am I to write a book? I sit here with my finger on the approval button – about to finalize the manuscript for my book. Once I do this, it


How to Engage the Next Generation Workforce and Win in Business

I recently had the privilege to spend time with the great leaders of today’s military including the Superintendents of both the United States Military and Naval academies for the purpose of seeking solutions to the placement of veterans in today’s workforce. We talked about many things, but conversations led to the new cadets and midshipmen


Open Your Eyes to Find Inspiration and Ideas

This Monday I was exercising at a place called Orange Theory. The classes I take are run by an instructor coaching attendees who are rowing, running on the treadmill and participating in weight exercises for a full body workout that lasts an average of 55 minutes or so. On this day I was working to complete