A Visit With Maggie

Troy Nix visits with Maggie and her husband, Jimmy.

I recently had the opportunity to meet a woman named Maggie who purchased several copies of Eternal Impact. Normally, the books that are ordered are delivered without personalization, but sometimes I will write a message to someone upon request. In this case, I did not know for whom the books were being ordered. Maggie wrote to me and provided background on each of the intended recipients, so I was able to take the time to write meaningful messages to inspire and motivate. I customized the messages based on the background she gave me on each individual; however, writing some of these messages was incredibly challenging and much harder than I anticipated.

Maggie heard of my book through a friend of hers and borrowed a copy to read. She was drawn to the simple life lessons that she thought would apply to others in her life that were currently experiencing major setbacks, particularly the lessons of accountability and perseverance.  She was hoping that even though they did not know me personally, my message would give them an extra push, a different perspective, to pull through their struggles and overcome their challenges.

When I met with Maggie to hand-deliver these books, she read each one of my dedications and reacted with a great deal of emotion. I was so very touched by our meeting, and what I discovered was an individual that was leading a life of impact; she was a good, gracious person and worked daily to put the needs of others ahead of her own. The whole experience was humbling. 

Maggie wanted to give these people in her life new-found hope. Her wish for each of the book’s recipients was for them to discover their worth and to better understand how they could persevere.

The subtitle of Eternal Impact is to “Inspire Greatness in Yourself and Others.” Maggie demonstrated that the only way to effectively do just that is to lift your head up in life, purposely look around, identify people in need, and do something to make their lives better. Maggie’s attempt to give a person reason to hope or a reason to get to the next day might be the very last ingredient needed to overcome the life obstacle. For me, there is no greater feeling and the best reason for working to lead a life of impact!